Cash in HandThere are many people who think that you cannot possibly receive a loan if you have bad credit and give up trying the moment they are categorized as such. However, loans for people with poor credit do exist, so the fact that you have a damaging credit history is not necessarily the end of the road for you. It is true that it will close many doors and that generally banks and private loans companies will refuse to give you loans, but that does not mean you will not have alternative loan opportunities. You can still be eligible for bad credit personal loans when you apply through BT Exact.

Quick Loans with Easy Qualify Requirements

Your eligibility is established after certain criteria is satisfied, as happens with every other type of loan, but the specialized subprime lenders will be able to take a more tailored approach to your imperfect credit history. Among the minimum requirements required to apply for a loan with bad credit, you must at least 18 years old and have a valid government issued ID, be able to provide proof of income, proof of residency, and a bank account that is in your name. One tip that we give our applicants, is for the quickest loan approvals, please make sure that the information that you submit on the application is complete and correct. This will insure that you do not have to re-submit information and that the lender can correctly process the loan.

Advantages of Our Financial Services

  • Best Customer Service for Loans Online
  • Nationwide Availability (as allowed by State)
  • Convenient Online Application is Fast, Simple, and Secure
  • No Collateral Loans
  • No Co-signer Required
  • Funds Directly Deposited
  • Absolutely No Upfront Application Fees
  • Early Payoff is Encouraged – No Pre-Payment Penalties

Emergency Installment Loans for Any Purpose

Although everyone should ideally have at least six months of income saved up for emergencies, this is not often possible for many people. And emergencies seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. If you find yourself short on cash and suddenly have a need for car repairs, home repairs, or other urgent situations, a bad credit personal loan can be a lifesaver for many. The application is completely online, there is no need to go anywhere. The basic requirements are simple, and the loan is funded directly into your bank account. The process could not be any easier, get started now by clicking on the button below.

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